10 years of theatre in Austin

For 10 years, Trinity Street Players has been presenting FREE theatre to Austin.

2011 Season

The Nerd

The Nerd is a comedy centered on the quandary of a young, aspiring architect, Willum, who is stuck in a job in western Indiana that he does not like. He reaches an impasse when his beautiful girlfriend decides to move to Washington, D.C. to be a weather girl.
All of a sudden, a war hero blasts into his life and overstays his welcome. The socially inept, obnoxious visitor is tolerated because he had saved Willum’s life in Vietnam.  How will Willum convince his unexpected visitor to leave without hurting his feelings, and keep his girlfriend from leaving?
The Nerd ran July 8-24, 2011, was directed by Lisa Dollar, and starred Beth Burroughs, Bobby Warren, David K. Fried, Heather Bullard, Jordan Dollar, Julie Latimer-Spears, and Kyle Austin Cody.

Three Viewings

Filled with darkly funny comedy, touching emotions, and one of the best endings ever, Trinity Street Players will weave together a trio of monologues in Jeffrey Hatcher’s Three Viewings.
Three compelling characters, including a quirky undertaker, a wise-cracking corpse robber, and an endearing, widowed matron, tell their personal stories from the confines of a small town funeral parlor. A unique theatrical experience for the Halloween season, patrons will love the fast-paced and genuine stories of love and love lost.
Three Viewings is veteran theatre professional Bob Beare’s directorial debut with Trinity Street Players. With many credits as a director, actor, and singer in Houston at Theatre Under the Stars, Stages Repertory Theatre, Theatre Lab, and Main Street Theatre, he is also an accomplished composer and lyricist. Beare has written, directed, and performed a variety of music for stage, screen, and video.
“There are many surprises in Three Viewings,” Director Bob Beare said. “There is nothing morose about it. Though it is set in a funeral home, the stories are briskly told with an element of truth that is always the best kind of humor.”
Award-winning playwright and talented screenwriter Jeffrey Hatcher “is an intelligent writer,” Beare said. “Each detail is important in each of the stories, and he delivers a full range from hilarity to deep sorrow, without forcing the humor or overdoing the tragedy.”
Three Viewings ran October 21- Nov 6, 2011 and starred David Harper, Linda Miller Raff, and Mary Jane Smith.

Incident at Vichy

Trinity Street Players presented Incident at Vichy, Arthur Miller’s compelling morality play about the Holocaust on April 1-17, 2011. Directed by Cathy Jones, the large all-male cast explores the rounding up of Jews in occupied France during World War II.
In 1942, in a make-shift detention room in Vichy, France, a group of men find themselves detained for questionable reasons. As the play unfolds, they realize the horrible truth of why they have been brought together. The setting of occupied France, at a time when many brave French citizens had joined underground groups and found ways to stymie the Nazis, adds a fresh, yet chilling dimension to this historical piece.
Miller’s exploration leaves both characters and audience members with questions. Where is the guilt? Can anyone atone for the horrors? And who gets to decide what our life means, anyway?
Director Cathy Jones said the Black Box Theatre’s thrust stage extending into the audience “is a powerful and interactive way to present this live show. The audience is allowed to see up close human beings that we can understand and even identify with; struggling with questions and decisions we all face, eventually.”
The cast of Incident at Vichy included Bob Beare, Brit Barr, David McCullars, Don York, Doug Keenan, Hansel Moore, Jackson Vanderslice, Jared Walls, Jesse Griffith, Jim Dougherty, Joe Grady Moore III, Jordan Dollar, Ken Jones, Ken Ramsey, Kirk Miller, Larry Oliver, Paul Webster Feinstein, and Steve Williams.