10 years of theatre in Austin

For 10 years, Trinity Street Players has been presenting FREE theatre to Austin.

2008 Season

Aria Da Capo 

Edna St. Vincent’s famous one-act about the superficial and loveless Pierrot and Columbine framed around the story of two best best friends turned enemies who fall to the tragedy of greed, mistrust, and murder. A powerful anti-war piece written in the wake of World War I which still holds powerful meaning even today.

Directed by Ann Pittman, Aria da Capo starred Amy Downing, David McCullars, Grant Hudson, and Rod Machen. May 2-4, 2008.

The Diaries of Adam and Eve

The Diaries of Adam & Eve is the fantastic adaption of Mark Twain’s wickedly funny yet always moving retelling of the “first two” human beings on Earth. 
We first find Adam a naive, dim-witted loner who spends his days writing in his diary about the weather and his rather peculiar ideas to name certain animals. Eve, too writes in her diary, also naive but far more curious about herself and what she is for. When the two haphazardly run into each other neither can quite make out the other. Adam decides to stay clear of the “strange creature.” Eve, on the other hand, goes to herculean efforts to get some attention from Adam. 
The story progresses with interweaved diary entries providing drastically different perspectives of each other and their journey toward companionship and eventually love. The dialogue is as funny as Mark Twain has ever been, and then ending will make you hug those dearest to you.
Directed by Dick Westerburg, Diaries starred Ann Pittman and David McCullars and ran August 21-24, 2008.