Trinity Street Players is a nonprofit theatre committed to providing professional, thought-provoking, and entertaining stage productions in downtown Austin. We believe in making the arts accessible and relevant, and welcome all who share a passion for creating and experiencing the transformative power of the theatre. Join us for great art in the heart of Austin.
Trinity Street Players is funded in part by First Austin on whose fourth floor the black box resides. So you wanna know where to go to see a show? Yep, you’re gonna have to walk into that Baptist Church. Don’t be scared, just pretend you’re in Europe.

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Jarrott Productions present... Mother of the maid

This production has been cancelled due to Coronavirus.


This production has been cancelled due to Coronavirus.

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Trinity Street Players presents... COLONIALISM IS TERRIBLE, BUT PHO IS DELICIOUS by Dustin Chinn! April 24 - May 10, 2020. FREE tickets! Reservations may be made online starting April 12.

Colonialism Is Terrible, But Pho Is Delicious

Dustin Chinn's new play will receive a Workshop Production this spring with TSP. A hilarious journey into the culinary world of Vietnam, France, and America, Chinn's new work explores the nuances of culture, appropriation, and passion. Starring Nguyan Stanton, Suzanne Balling, Norman Tran, and Sam Howard as a variety of delighful characters from Hanoi in 1880 to sometime next week in Austin, TX.
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