10 years of theatre in Austin

For 10 years, Trinity Street Players has been presenting FREE theatre to Austin.

2012 Season


David Auburn’s play Proof, winner of the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award for Best Play, is a complex, layered drama about a young woman struggling to find room for healing and trust in a world that is imploding around her. Catherine’s struggles with herself, her brilliant yet unstable father Robert, her well-meaning but controlling sister Claire, and her father’s passionate and devoted protégé Hal provide a dynamic context for exploring the often fine line between creativity and madness, familial love and emotional suffocation, and self-perception and reality. Catherine exhibits signs of the same remarkable genius as her father, but she fears she will also inherit the mental illness that robbed him of his career and ultimately his ability to function in the world. Her sister Claire urges Catherine to abandon her amazing gift and embrace the mental stagnation of a safe and structured life. However, it is Hal who begins to perceive the truth of Catherine’s life and introduces her to the possibility of risking something big for something great. At the center of the conflict is an earth-shattering mathematical proof whose authorship is in dispute and around which our characters engage in a ferocious battle of mind, heart, and soul.

Directed by David McCullars, Trinity Street Players’ Proof cast included three fantastic additions to the TSP community: Bridget Farias, Gary Clarke, and Dr. Circe Sturm (moved director to beginning of sentence). Proof ran Feb 17-March 10, 2012.


War is hell, but politics may be worse. And when one becomes the other, no one walks away unscathed. In this season of political warfare and warring politics, experience Trinity Street Players’ production of William Shakespeare’s Coriolanus. Consider the questions that are as relevant today in our own sound-bite society as they were in the riotous streets of the Roman Republic: Who is worthy to lead? What role do we all have in the success or failure of our government? What is the price of power? And how far, really, are we willing to go to get what we want?

Directed by Bridget Faris, Coriolanus promises to be an unforgettable exploration of how the politics of our government and the sometimes hidden motivations of our chosen leaders affect us all.

Coriolanus ran Nov 2-18, 2012 and featured Kevin Gates as Coriolanus, in addition to Ameer Mobarak, Cal Ussery, Carter Holland, Charles Stites, Chris Casey, Chris Humphrey, David Boss, Duncan Coe, Giacomo Leone, Japhy Fernandes, Julio Mella, Ken Ramsey, Laura Ray, Michelle Jackson, Nihara Jackson, Paul Webster Feinstein, Rebecca Musser, Sam Mercer, Shannon Francis, Spencer Driggers, Tyler Haggard