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Speedrun Studios presents… THE WHEN & HOW by Anya Eagle

May 24-25, 2024

Speedrun Studios dedicates one show block a year to premiering original work, written by young up and coming ATX artists. In our second annual original play showcase, we present “The When and How” and “Every Creeping Thing”, one-acts by young-adult author and playwright Anya Nagle. 

Main event “The When and How” follows a young couple with the supernatural powers to know exactly when, and exactly how, everyone in their life will die. Tensions rise, love and friendship are thrown into question, and not everyone will make it out alive as the timer ticks down on one very important “death day”. 

“Every Creeping Thing” is a one-man monologue following Ocelle Galler, a former young rockstar turned addict, in a spiraling, 4th wall breaking out of body experience facing self, the past, and moving forward. 

Cast talkbacks will follow the first and final performances.

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Trinity Street Players presents… DEATH BY BAD JOKES: STOP, STOP YOU’RE KILLING ME by jkjk

written by Jenny Larson-Quiñones, with khattieQ
music by khattieQ & Anton Berries 

Get ready to laugh your way to the afterlife at Death by Bad Jokes: Stop, Stop, You’re Killing Me by jkjk, a hilarious performance that will leave you gasping for breath.

It’s the mid-2030s, and we find our perfect family enjoying dinner on a perfectly perfect night when a terrible secret is revealed. An unsuspecting party clown is forced to confront their wife about her shady affairs before one more person has to die. Part comedy, part drama, part musical, part absurdist theatre. In a world on edge Death by Bad Jokes asks, are we seeking justice? Revenge? Or would we all rather just look the other way?

June 5-8 2024, Wednesday-Saturday at 7pm, plus Friday at 10pm & Saturday at 2pm @ the Trinity St Playhouse | 901 Trinity St. 78701 | 4th floor of the First Baptist Church of Austin
Tickets are Pay-What-You-Can. $5 minimum online. Click here for reservations.

Jarrott Productions/Cinnamon Path Productions  presents… A MILLION MORE TO GO by Austin Playwright Max Langert

June 14-30

Cinnamon Path Productions, in association with Jarrott Productions, presents Max Langert’s new dark comedy, A Million More To Go, June 14-30 at Trinity Street Playhouse.

In an undisclosed location deep in the woods, a blindfolded stranger arrives to join an earnest team counting ballots from a recent election. Little by little, identities are uncovered, loyalties are tested, and lunch is served. But will it be too late to make a difference in the election? 

Directed by Will Douglas, this world premiere production stars Natalie Garcia, Jason Graf, Jennifer Jennings, Kelsey Mazak, and Mike Ooi.

Ticket prices range from $15-$35 and will be on sale soon for this limited run!